I am sure if you’re reading this, then you probably already know what a valuable asset Enrique Ramirez can be to any creative team. But, in case you’re still on the fence, please allow me to push you in the right direction. I had the pleasure of working with Enrique at Digitas Atlanta. And, while my stay there was short-lived, the impact Enrique made upon me was quite the opposite. Eager and enthusiastic, he dove into every project with passion and vigor – never slowing until the best possible creative work was produced. He never missed a deadline and, more often than not, came in ahead of even the tightest timelines. And to top it all off, he continually pushed himself by volunteering to take on more projects, introducing pro bono clients to the agency and carrying an impressive load of freelance. I’m proud say I’m one of Enrique’s biggest fans. I’m even more proud to say I’m also one of his friends. He truly is the perfect blend of great guy and creative spirit. I hope you get the chance to work and laugh with him as I have.
— Chris Tschantz, Chief Creative Officer

“He is always thinking way outside of the box and offering up innovative solutions. Additionally, I would say his creative spirit is a breath of fresh air!”

Debra Frederickson, Sr. Print Producer

I worked with Enrique on the Delta business at Digitas. After my first days of working with Enrique it was immediately apparent how passionate he was and how dedicated he was to the work no matter how big or small the task was, even through holidays and weekends. He took pride in his work and attention to detail that he applied to many Delta projects. He was proactive and volunteered to work on internal initiatives where he achieved awareness within the larger network. For Delta he embraced the industry vertical and became active in sharing the latest news to the broader team always pushing to build his knowledge. He was consistently brainstorming ideas to push the brand forward, even on his own time. He brings a strong digital skillset to the table as well as print and wish him nothing but success.
— Brent Pruner, Creative Director

I had an opportunity to work with Enrique across a range of assignments; from direct mail development to brand guidelines to photography recommendations. Enrique is highly capable, design oriented and a great member of the team. I could always count on him to bring interesting and innovative design ideas to the table and to give 100%. It was a pleasure to work with Enrique.

Grey Williams, Associate Marketing Director
Dave Dengos, Marketing Manager thinks that Enrique is famous for:
  • being a real teammate
    (when sometimes creative and marketing don't blend well)
  • being a good sounding board.
    (when sometimes creative takes a "my way or the highway" view)
  • not being a clock puncher
    (I know, because I see him online early in the AM and late in the PM)
  • understanding that we work for our clients
    (not just for our employer)
Enrique is talented, prolific, and has a natural eye for design. His attention to detail is tremendous, and he is unwilling to finish a project until it meets his personal standards for excellence.
— Austin Hamilton, Copywriter


Delta Air Lines


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In the time I worked with Enrique, I saw tremendous growth and potential. He approaches every job with a positive attitude and dedication. He is always willing to put in the extra time, energy -- working late nights and weekends -- to get the project done. Even when the workload is being piled on, Enrique will roll up his sleeves and pitch in where ever he's needed. Enrique is very easy to work with and takes creative direction well. His dedication to each project is reflected in the solid concepting he delivers. He is a great asset to the Delta CRM group and is becoming a senior member of the group, taking on larger assignments and doing them well. And personally, he is a pleasure to work with. He gets along well with agency colleagues, creative and account alike.
— Jill Ruckelshaus, Associate Creative Director

Enrique has outstanding creativity, meticulous attention to detail and is always willing to put in the extra hours to get the job done. He is extremely personable and welcomes growth and new ideas. Even with an overwhelming workload, his laid back nature radiates through the office, naturally keeping stress levels low. I am always confident in the quality of the work that Enrique produces. Enrique is an amazing asset to the team.
— Blair W. Saeks, Marketing Associate

Church’s Chicken


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As Director of Global Marketing for Church’s Chicken, I worked with Enrique on multiple projects including development of Print Ads, Web Sites, POP, Direct Mail, Flyers, Franchise Sales Materials, Logos, Menu Board Designs, Limited Time Offer Campaigns, etc.

During the 2 years we worked together, Enrique always met our challenging deadlines and budgets. He has a keen eye for design and provided excellent advice on layouts, content flow and color schemes. He also is multilingual and developed marketing campaigns and materials in Spanish for our Latin American franchisees as well as our logo in several local languages e.g. Russian.

In addition to developing Business to Consumer creative, Enrique also developed Business to Business and Corporate materials such as New Business Development Print Ads, Franchisee Prospecting Sales Brochures, New Franchisee Training Programs, Marketing Style Guides, etc. He was instrumental in helping develop the Church’s Chicken International Marketing Tool Kit, which was a major project that has been very successful.
— Andrew R. Christy, Global Marketing Director

Enrique's a solid art director and designer who's talents are only surpassed by his ambition. If I was up against the wall with a difficult assignment, I'd feel a lot better knowing he was on my team.
— Chris Hansen, Copywriter